Fugitive Sister

Fugitive Sister began when I figured out - hey, I can work a camera, too!  After years of writing, directing, and producing stage plays, I simply wanted to create an archive of stories that might outlast me.  I still love live plays, though, so some of my content is filmed in front of a live audience, even and especially if the audience is virtual.  During these times, virtual engagement is of paramount importance. 

Fugitive Sister is about collaboration.  I want to create opportunities for other artists who tell "feminine-fueled stories." And that is not a comment on their genders but that these storytellers address our feminine qualities, and that includes everything from Medea to Mother Theresa. 

I am interested in your stories. If you can tell it, and I can feel it, and I can film it, perhaps we can make it together.  We all suffer from the same human condition: we feel alone. Our needs to connect and at the same time hide are what make us fugitives and outlaws.  We are simultaneously running away and toward ourselves. It might make us crazy, but it makes us damn good storytellers.

Fugitive Sister production company is named in honor of my biological sisters, Carolyn and Laura. They are the bravest and most honest women I know.