MASSIVE is currently under development and a staged reading is planned for October 29, 2018 in New York City. For more information or tickets, please contact the playwright at

Fugitive Sister Productions

Fugitive Sister Productions

George is a British actor who has completed months of intensive radiation and chemotherapy for a massive throat tumor caused by the HPV virus. George watches the stage show that is - or was - his life start to slip away: the roles he’s played, the disease, the treatment, his debilitating tracheotomy, and those poor souls in the chemo ward who never made it out, alive.

Thanks to massive morphine treatments, George thinks he’s dead – or at least his life is starting to look that way. Left alone with his mother-in-law (who’s addicted to online shopping), a pet Beetle named Prince Hal, and the ghost of his dead brother, when his wife is rushed to the hospital herself, Geroge learns that grotesqueness and beauty co-exist in every moment and how to live in the world we create for ourselves.

FLAMINGOS (working title)

A dark comedy about girls that sheds light on the subjects of body image, eating disorders and chemical and alcohol addiction.



20 – Gender Fluid – Thin

KC (or, Caolynn), a gender-fluid addict, conservative Mormon background, student at Uni of Miami, addicted to amphetamines.  


Early 20s – Female – Tattoos and Piercings

Victoria (or, V), former gymnast addicted to pain killers due to an injury. Looks a lot tougher than she is. Her drug of choice is anything she can get her hands on.  


Mid-late 20s – Female – Glasses – Oddball

Danica is an awkward adjunct English teacher at a local college. Black out drinker with a thing for a young student.  


Mid- 20s – Female – Boca Beauty Queen

Makeup and acrylic nail queen, dyed blonde, binge shopper and pro-anorexia blogger. She is obsessive about her weight and uses alcohol and drugs to deal with her neuroses.