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Fugitive Sister Productions

Fugitive Sister Productions

Fugitive Sister Productions, feminist fueled stories for stage and screen.

FLAMINGOS (working title)

A dark comedy about girls that sheds light on the subjects of body image, eating disorders and chemical and alcohol addiction.



20 – Gender Fluid – Thin

KC (or, Caolynn), a gender-fluid addict, conservative Mormon background, student at Uni of Miami, addicted to amphetamines.  


Early 20s – Female – Tattoos and Piercings

Victoria (or, V), former gymnast addicted to pain killers due to an injury. Looks a lot tougher than she is. Her drug of choice is anything she can get her hands on.  


Mid-late 20s – Female – Glasses – Oddball

Danica is an awkward adjunct English teacher at a local college. Black out drinker with a thing for a young student.  


Mid- 20s – Female – Boca Beauty Queen

Makeup and acrylic nail queen, dyed blonde, binge shopper and pro-anorexia blogger. She is obsessive about her weight and uses alcohol and drugs to deal with her neuroses.