About Maura Campbell


Maura Campbell is an award-winning playwright and director whose work has been produced all over the U.S. and abroad. She earned an MFA in Playwriting and a Certificate in New Play Directing from Hollins University where she worked with Robert Moss, founder of Playwright’s Horizons in New York. Moss will direct Campbell’s play, Ouija in January 2018. Campbell’s play, Radar Range, was a 2017 finalist for the 2017 Todd McNerny Playwriting Prize and Ouija was a finalist for the 2016 Kennedy Center American Theatre Festival, Region IV.

Recent productions include Dreamtime (Maitland Rep, Maitland, Australia), Seagull Invasion (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), and Southern Flight (Page to Stage, Roanoke, VA) and Flower Duet (Road Theatre, LA). She is currently developing her play Cross Talk with an ensemble in London, England.

A native of Vermont, Campbell taught screenwriting and creative writing at Burlington College from 2000 to 2010 and has written and directed and produced several short films and multi-media projects. She lives with her family in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Drama is Life

"The brilliance of the play, however, lies in its construction. Campbell wrote Flower Duet without punctuation, leaving it up to her talented cast to build the pacing, the conversational stops and starts, in a natural, free-flowing fashion. The arguments unfold as they should, with real power and real anger and real moments of awk ward humor. Chatter sometimeshappens off-stage, or on stage in a secondary role, giving Flower Duet rich, nuanced layering like a good composition or a good conversation. The four actors work like an orchestra, where no one player shines above the others, instead elevating the music — or in this case the script — to star status."
Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press, September 2010

A moment of serenity

A moment of serenity.

Before a performance

This is actually what I look like most
of the time. Totally out of control.